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Welcome to Camp Glory 2024!


Set in picturesque New Town at Saint Charles, Camp Glory is not your average Summer Camp. Surrounded by playgrounds, parks, and open green spaces, your kids can experience nature in a way that no gymnasium can provide. They’ll go fishing, kayaking, and cool down by swimming in the area’s many lakes and pool, all while under supervision by experienced camp counselors and professional hired lifeguards.


The real world is calling, and our camp is the answer if you want your kids to build real-world relationships and get back to basics while learning life skills that will be both fun and memorable.

Always looking for more, Camp Glory is a place that will never settle for second best. We want your kids to have the Summer of their dreams, and yours! And that’s why we are always looking for unique adventures and experiences that will keep your children loving what they are learning.


They’ll get hands on, whether it’s planting and caring for a garden plot, navigating the perils of a nerf gun battle, or just having good, old fashioned fun in a camp-wide shaving cream fight, your kids will be creating memories that will far outlast their Summer here at camp.


But don’t wait too long, spaces are limited and fill up quickly. If this sounds like the Summer you want your child to experience, secure their spot by enrolling now.


We cannot wait for all this summer has in store. Thank you for joining our adventure!

Weeks of Camp Glory 2024

june 3 - August 9


Hours of Camp Glory

7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Contact Camp Glory aT:

NEW PHONE 636.626.0182


Our new Owner  announced NO PRICE INCREASE in 2024. 

We've increased
the full prepayment
discount to 10%!

New Owners

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